updated daily bread schedule: summer 2018


heads up: we updated our bread schedule! we shuffled around our daily rotation and a couple of your faves are now available everyday

grab a loaf for dinner (or just grab a baguette and eat it on the way home)



everyday: baguette, country sourdough, focaccia, rosemary polenta, seeded wheat, whole wheat sourdough, quinoa turmeric, multigrain, pain de mie

m: kalamata olive rosemary

tu: sesame semolina

w: chocolate cherry sourdough

th: golden raisin walnut

f: chocolate cherry sourdough, challah

sa: sesame semolina

su: golden raisin walnut


everyday: butter croissant, chocolate croissant, scones, turnovers

m: ham & cheese croissant

tu: cinnamon buns, spinach & feta croissant

w: poppy seed croissant, kougin amman

th: ham & cheese croissant

f: spinach & feta croissant, kougin amman

sa: pain aux raisin, cinnamon buns

su: pain aux raisin, cinnamon buns, kougin amman

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