i love bread: quinoa turmeric edition

have you tried our quinoa turmeric sourdough yet? while it’s one of our newest breads, it’s already a crowd favorite. it gets its vibrant natural color from the turmeric, and its complex flavor from middle eastern spice blend za’atar. swing by and pick up a loaf: its so popular we made it available everyday!

ingredients: organic roller milled wheat flour, organic high extraction flour, toasted quinoa, turmeric, black pepper, za’atar, sea salt, honey, wild yeast culture

pairs well with:

  • hummus
  • labneh
  • cheeses: cream cheese, cottage cheese, mild brie
  • merlot or chardonnay
  • grilled chicken
  • peanut butter, cilantro, & hot sauce
  • balsamic vinegar
  • lentils
  • IPAs, pilsners, sours

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