the science & culture of bread w/ smithsonian associates

we had a wonderful time hosting a “Science & Culture of Bread” class last week in partnership with Smithsonian Associates! Our bakers Omar Qazi and Nora Velazco shared their passion for the processes behind the combinations of grain, water, and yeast that produce the delicious diversity of doughs, loaves, and buns that we offer daily.

We kicked things off with a brief introductory lecture, then guided participants through stations where they got up close and personal with our process! They toured our bread kitchen, learned about dough fermentation with the help of time lapse videos, mixed their own dough by hand, and finished with a curated tasting of our breads and charcuterie pairings. we were proud to offer pairings of some of our retail partner products: Brin’s Jam, Z&Z Za’atar, and Dimitri Olive Oil.

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