Our Menus

breakfast DRINKS

fresh OJ or grapefruit juice (3.5)
the Juice fresh orange, carrot, lemon & ginger (5)
Aperol spritz aperol, prosecco, soda water, orange (8)
Bloody Mary vodka, hot spiced mix made by us (8)
Chaider Toddy bulleit topped with chaider (9)
Cider Bellini apple cider, amaretto, prosecco, rosemary (9)
Earl’s Hot Toddy bulleit steeped in Earl Grey, lemon/honey (8)
Mimosa prosecco, fresh OJ (8)

iced TEA

Hibiscus Mint – tisane
Hojicha – roasted Japanese green tea
Persian Nectar – black tea w/ peach undertone


Espresso hot (2.70)
Macchiato hot <3 oz (2.90)
Tallat hot <5 oz (3.15)
Cappuccino hot <6 oz (3.30)

Americano hot <12oz (2.90) iced <16oz (3.09)
AuLait hot <12oz (2.70)
Black Eye hot <12oz (3.40) iced <16oz (3.40)
Drip hot <12oz (2.20) iced <16oz (2.95)
Nitro – house iced <12oz (3.50)
Latte hot <8oz (3.35)
Latte hot <12oz (3.60) iced <16oz (3.60)
Mocha hot <12oz (4.15) iced <16oz (4.15)

Chai hot <12oz (3.65) iced <16oz (3.65)
Chaider hot <12oz (3.40) iced <16oz (3.65)
Dirty Chai hot <12oz (4.35) iced <16oz (4.35)
Chocolate hot <12oz (4.00) iced <16oz (2.75)
Matcha Latte hot <8oz (3.80) iced <12oz (4.35)
Milk or Steam’r hot <12oz (2.20) iced <12oz (1.80)

xtra Shot: +90¢
Half/Half: +55¢
Syrup: +55¢
Almond: +70¢
Soy: +55¢

hot TEA


from 4-7 every day $2 off tap beer $2 off glass of wine.

available until 3pm monday-wednesday, 5pm thursday-saturday, and 6pm on sunday

morning SAMMIES + other

more morning STUFF

one slice bread TOASTED with:

Straight up butter (1.5)
Almond butter (2.5)
Butter & jam (2.5)
Nutella, butter & Maldon salt (3.5)
Nutella, butter, bananas & Maldon salt (4)
P.B. with sriracha drizzle & cilantro (3)
P.B., butter & bananas with honey drizzle (4)
P.B. & butter (2.5)
P.B. & jam (3)
Tumeric Labneh (4.5)
quinoa tumeric bread, labneh yogurt, Za’aat, olive oil, lemon zest, maldon sea salt

Country Sourdough or Pain de Mie or Whole Wheat Sourdough are bread options for toast
Check the “specials board” for new toast

some Addons:

Applewood Smoked Bacon (3)
Country Ham (3)
Organic Egg – fried (2)
Organic Egg – poached (2.5)
Cheddar Cheese (1)
Tomato (50¢)
Salad of local Greens (4)

from the bread BAKERS while they last:

cinnamon roll (Tu,Sa,Su), croissant, chocolate croissant, kouign-amann, pain aux raisin, coffee cakes, turnovers, scones
selections change daily


Consuming raw or undercooked eggs and seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Items prepared in our kitchen may contain nuts or gluten.
We ask that those with allergies take caution when ordering and enjoying our food.

available until 3pm monday-wednesday, 5pm thursday-sunday

tween BREAD or almost

HEY: no bread substitutions please, but we can replace bread for greens



available thursday-saturday from 5pm-10:00pm
for take-out call 202-408-6985
last order taken by 9:30pm

Our pizza doughs are small-batched so we only can make a limited amount. There is no guarantee we will be able to serve pizza all night. Check our twitter for updates.

addon: arugula (1.75)    pepperoni (2)    chorizo (2)    the Hatch (1)