Brain Matter

We would tell you what is in this ghoulish concoction. But then we’d have to kill you, you’d come back as a zombie and, Halloween would get too real too quick.

All we can say, is it tastes like trick or treating.

brain matter

Anatomy of An Espresso Shot

We are really proud of our coffee program. It has consistently been ranked among the best in the district, and we are proud to work with so many wonderful roasters from across the country.

That is why we go to all lengths to make sure every cup of coffee is delicious and looks good. We like to have our cake, and eat it too.

Checkout our Barista, Maxwell Crocker explain what it takes to pull a good shot of espresso.

With the rest of the best

Travel and Leisure named our sister store, Baked and Wired, one of the best bakeries in America.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 11.56.36 PM

This is an honor that everyone from our bakers, delivery drivers, retail staff to our customers.

“We really make ourselves part of the neighborhood,”

We know our work reflects our neighborhood, our surroundings; a commitment to excellence is not merely to make the best goods, offer the best service, guarantee the best experience, for the best customers but also to hold up the standard we all strive for.

Stumptown Brewdown

Our buddies @ Stumptown Coffee Roasters will be in town Wednesday July 29 to brew down with us. We will be tasting some of the newest additions to their menu, including several Costa Rican and Indonesian bangers. We’ll be kicking it 8am-10am. Come holla! 440 K street

Reading Open City by Teju Cole @ A Baked Joint

Come join our community book club in discussing one of the best books — according to readers and critics alike — of the past year.

A Baked Joint – 440 K St Nw

Open City Section 2| Ch. 5-12 // Wednesday July 29th

Open City Section 3| Ch. 13-21 // Wednesday August 12th